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Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 Miss America Swimsuit Cameltoe

The 2013 winner  - check out her toe - was in the news in 2016 when she called the contestants too skinny. - alas... no cameltoe photo of the 2017 Miss America pageant seems to have occurred...him. 
So let's do 2016 again?
The BS is just past the 15 year anniversary - somehow - this version wasn't mentioned in any regard...even to refute it.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

IF You Blog - Why Not Steemit?

Recently I fell into some free money at the website - how you ask? Well I was reading the trollbox at Poloniex and someone comes in and says that Steemit is starting up and that folks should go post on the board. This was in the opening minutes of Steemit (trying to become the new Reddit via cryptocurrency) - and boy did it pay off for those opening posts when they literally were giving it away - for me about 200 bucks of Steem Dollars for 4 short posts.

Nowadays - 10's of 1000's are trying their blogposts out for a much more limited but worthwhile take of the cash so to speak. Indeed, below I bring the link to one and the beginning of how I wrote it (this week) that's worth about 3 bucks. Hey why not join Steemit and you can earn too - and my post up if you join. Thanks.
My link is about the coverage of the Presidential campaign by the MSM....
(here's my opening snippet - go to link for full story)
Are you shaking your head right now going "what's proportional coverage"?
Well good - at least I got your attention. You see, IMO, the mainstream media (MSM) makes every effort to make sure you do NOT get proportional coverage. But - what would proportional coverage look like you ask?
As they say - thanks for asking.
First, just imagine if Gary Johnson was getting his share of coverage at even 8% - it would mean that 1 out of every 12 stories would be covering him - his running mate - his positions - his family - the past Libertarian candidates - commentators talking about what the Libertarian position is and how it is different from each major party - current Libertarian candidates talking about him. ETC. ETC. ETC. - there would be GARY story mixing with every 5 or so Hillary and every 5 or so Trump stories.
Just a reminder as to how deep the do do was in 2012 - a hoax video that went viral for 3 million hits. Total Barfstew.
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